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08 March, 2014
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Buffalo Bay

Buffalo Bay: This quaint little town is built on a headland surrounded by ocean and is perfectly suited to anyone looking to escape the beaten track (except in season that is!).

The town is 40kms away from Wilderness, in the direction of Knysna,  and one surf spot, known as The Wild Side, can be seen on the western side of the coastline, as you drive towards Buffalo Bay. The Wild Side is notoriously sharky and although a lot of local surfers frequent the beach break regularly, we would recommend treading very cautiously if you decide you want to ride these waves. Interestingly, the stretch of beach wasn’t  given its name because of the wild life that lurks below, but rather because of the wild nature of the ocean along that stretch of coastline.

Buffalo Bay is a neighbour to The Wild Side and because of its protected position is a much safer option. This is a very popular place for “learners” to enjoy gentle waves that break along two distinct point breaks. The outer break, which runs along a pebbled headland in front of the caravan park, is called The Point. The break further down from The Point is called The Reef. This is a “softer version” of The Point and is ideal for learning to surf or SUP’ing (Stand Up Paddleboarding). Both of these waves work on a swell that is out of the south, south-west and is between two and four meters in height.

However, the real gem in Buffalo Bay is a beach break called Murphy’s. It is an A framed peak that provides great right and left handers as pictured above. Murphy’s can be found about 400 to 500 meters down the beach, away from the slip way, towards Brenton on Sea. Murphy’s works in conditions that are ideally suited to a number of quality waves and therefore if you’re willing to forsake great waves in other locations you may just hit the jack pot. Ideal conditions would be a medium to large south, south-east swell with west winds. Depending on the banks in the bay, it’s usually best suited to a mid to incoming tide.