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08 March, 2014
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Herolds Bay

Herolds Bay is a beautiful little bay surrounded by high cliffs. The charming Herolds Bay hotel was sadly flattened years ago to make way for a modern development that robbed the bay of a truly special place to enjoy a few cold beers after memorable surfs. However, the wave has not changed and is a wedge that forms on the left hand side of the bay.

Depending on the quality of the bank it can range from terrible to incredible. A tip, it’s always better than it looks. Herolds Bay enjoys a small swell that is out of the south or south west. It can handle any direction wind except a south or south west. The wave is best on a mid tide and is extremely fickle. This wave only rewards you after plenty of hard work and effort to understand it. The rewards are well worth it though. It’s unlikely for a travelling surfer to score it all time, but if the conditions point towards it – throw the dice, it’s certainly worth a try.