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08 March, 2014
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Mossel Bay

Mossel Bay is a historic town that boasts one of the most favourable climates in the world. There are a number of quality waves within a very small radius. They are, in order of quality, Mystery Reef, Outer Pool, Ding Dangs and Inner Pool. The area does boast a number of other waves, some of which are still considered secret and therefore will not be exploited. Mystery Reef enjoys a large (as big as it gets) South or South East swell. The wave is not for the faint hearted. It is, however, fairly inconsistent due to the conditions required to turn it from an average reef break to a world class wave. The wind needs to be out of the south west and the tide needs to be low to incoming for it to really turn on. The wave is incredibly dependent on the correct swell direction to come alive.

If you prefer a “smaller” or toned down version of Mystery Reef then head towards Ding Dangs in likewise conditions. Ding Dangs is a similar type of wave, where once again the left is superior to the right, except in massive swells. The waves offer a surfer the opportunity to truly test their surfing skills regardless of their ability. In a very similar type comparison: Outer Pool is what Mystery Reef is to Ding Dangs, but in this case to Inner Pool. Outer Pool is a quality point break that is best around waist to chest high. It is easily overpowered and perfect point waves can often turn into “burgers” if the swell rises too quickly. Inner Pool, although enjoyable and well suited to an intermediary surfer, can be considered the poor cousin of Outer Pool. As is the case with Vic Bay, the locals are generally very friendly, as long as respect is shown. Be careful of the boys in this region, you will in all likelihood make some good mates, the only problem is that they love their beer, which is fine if you’re on a surfing trip but could be problematic if you’re on your honeymoon!