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08 March, 2014
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Sedgefield is home to the best steak restaurant on the Garden Route, Monticello! Besides that, it also has Swartvlei and Gericke’s point as surfing locations. Swartvlei is a wide open beach break, which is best suited to small swell and light northern to westerly winds. Depending on banks, the beach break normally offers rideable waves throughout the year.

When you’re parked in the car-park, the headland that juts out is known as Gericke’s point (it’s in the shape of Lion). The walk from the parking lot to the headland is approximately 2.5km and is best done at low tide. Gericke’s offers two different types of waves. The left off the point is the traditional wave that made the area famous, and more recently the right hand reef to the west of the left hand point has become popular. This is known as Sunset. Both waves work on a small to medium sized swell with light easterly winds. The waves can also be enjoyed on berg winds (these are warm winds that come out of the north) or breathless days are also well suited to the area. These waves should only be frequented by intermediary to advanced surfers, especially the right hand wave known as Sunset. If you get into trouble out there, it’s a long way away from anything. Enjoy it, but be careful.