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08 March, 2014
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Vic Bay

Vic Bay is one of the Garden Route’s best and most consistent point breaks. It’s set in a rocky bay and holds swell from two to five meters, depending on the strength of swell (i.e.) period or interval. Vic Bay is at its very best on a south swell that’s around three to four meters with an interval of between 12 and 16 seconds. The wave is very tidal and although it’s surfable on both high and low tides, it prefers a low to mid tide. If the swell is large or barely big enough, the break prefers a full high tide.

The wave handles most wind directions fairly well, but a light south west is the preferred direction. The land breezes that blow down the valley in the morning can often turn the wave into a softer version than its true self. It goes without saying that no wind and south swell is great, or a strong south swell and a berg wind is also great. Enjoy this special bay, behave and respect the locals, you’ll have an amazing time. However, keep in mind that Vic Bay is easily over powered in a rising ground swell, and then it’s time to head east to J-bay or west to Mossel Bay and beyond.