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08 March, 2014
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Wilderness is a pristine beach and the Wilderness Bushcamp is perfectly situated to scout out the most suitable banks to surf. Wilderness often produces great waves in small clean swells and from all the units at the Bushcamp you’re able to  see virtually the entire length of the beach, stretching from the corner point of Victoria bay to the headland know as Gericke’s point (around 25km in total).

The options are endless on a two to three meter swell with either no wind or light North West and there are very few things more special than enjoying a day of surfing a perfect bank in the Wilderness, with a light berg wind blowing, then 24 hours later enjoying six to eight feet freight trains down the Supers point. As you become more familiar with the coastline you’ll learn that this is a possibility more often than you’d think, in the heart of winter. Jeffrey’s Bay is two and half hours’ drive away, so its possible to have a six hour surf at the world’s best right-hand wave and still be home in time to take your wife/girlfriend out for dinner in the Wilderness village 😉