Surfers’ Gallery

Over the years, hundreds of surfers have rested their heads, and their boards, at the Wilderness Bushcamp. Here’s what some of the more famous ones have to say about the area and the waves…


DEON BING… “Up in the clouds above Wilderness, the sea noise echoes up the valley. You’re tucked away in a log cabin in indigenous forest. Looking out at the sunrise, the expansive Indian ocean sprawls out to the horizon.
We have visited the Bushcamp for many years and it is the most welcoming, peaceful spot in the Wilderness. With privacy, quiet natural surroundings and perfect rooms, its location is ideal.
Whether surfing local spots, walking forever along Wilderness beach, or having a sundowner – its the place to be. And you wouldn’t know it was there unless I told you… Share the secret.”

Deon Bing


LYLE BOTCHER…The Wilderness area is blessed with a number of world class points and beach breaks suitable for all levels of surfing. The friendly locals and chilled vibe make it my favourite South African holiday destination. The view from Wilderness Bushcamp is something quite extraordinary and has become etched in my mind for life.”

Lyle Botcher


GIGS CELLIERS…“This is still my favourite quick getaway choice, just a few hours out of Cape Town. Honestly sometimes I crave warm water and fun peeling waves so I choose Wilderness Bushcamp to base and have fun. Even the girlfriend and kid love it with flea market restaurants and safe beach just a short drive below us.”



DR. PHILIP CHAPMAN…I’d have to say some of my best summer memories have been at Aloe Heights, “where the salt of the earth meets the salt of the sea” … Summer of 2008 into 2009 – you don’t know what it’s been like!!”

Philip Chapman


MATT DOBELL… “Spent a week cruising the Garden Route with my wife, staying at the Wilderness Bushcamp. The camp is perfectly situated almost in the clouds, giving each bungalow an amazing view over the untouched coastline. A short trip down the hill and you’ll find great beaches and the scenic Vic Bay point. I noticed a swell and did a run to J-Bay, and scored – what a wave! The hospitality was second to none and my wife never wanted to leave. Sometimes I look back on our time there and think maybe I should have left her there! Can’t wait to visit again, loved it!”

Wilderness Bushcamp Website Matt


GLEN DRYSDALE…I’ve been coming up here since I was 14 years old and will continue to surf here until the body eventually gives up. There is something special about being close to the waves, nature and great company, and there is, without doubt, something in the water up here.

Glen Drysdale


GREG EMSLIE… “The Wilderness Bushcamp is awesome. The cabins are great, spacious and best of all close to the beach. The Garden Route has plenty to offer not only surfers but tourists as well, and the Bushcamp is perfectly situated in a central location for holiday makers to explore the coastline. Its “African” feel makes it a special place to visit for both locals and international travellers.”

Greg Emslie

SEAN HOLMES…There are very few places or things in this world that offer greater joy to me than the presence of the Wilderness. Like blood flows through my veins, so too does the spirit of this beautiful area and the childhood family memories embedded therein. Now, as a husband and father of 2, I can think of no greater privilege than sharing this joy with my own family.

sean 3


SETH HULLEY…“Along one of my favourite destinations on this planet, the Garden Route, is a hidden gem called the Wilderness Bushcamp. It’s the ultimate destination for relaxation and escaping daily life in the fast lane. Up above on the hill, you feel on top of the world with amazing views of the ocean, and surrounded by nature in the comfort of your log cabin, you can day dream for hours. The beauty of this place is that it is only 5 minutes away from accessing all your needs. With such consistent swell passing this region and so many good uncrowded waves, it’s a surfer’s paradise!
With the friendly service and great facilities, I enjoy every stay there.”



QUINTON JONES…“My heaven on earth is a little place called Wilderness. Standing on the hill at the Bushcamp overlooking the village and the ocean, you are treated like family, in fact you are family. Special place, special people in the Wilderness.

QJ surfing


DAVID MALHERBE… “The Bushcamp is one of my favourite holiday spots; great hosts, great cottages that are beautifully and discretely tucked away in the sea bush and, best of all, some of the best views in South Africa!”

Wilderness Bushcamp Website


DAVID PFAFF…“Wilderness is my favourite place in South Africa, if not the world! I was fortunate enough to grow up here and I have too many happy memories to mention. In terms of surf it has great waves all year round, which range from perfect point breaks to fun beach breaks. It’s one of the most consistent areas in the country for surf and produces enjoyable waves regardless of swell size or wind direction. The only problem is that once you’re here you don’t want to leave. I guess that’s why so many of us surfers keep coming back, year after year.”

David surfing shot for website


CRAIG SIMS…My wife Gayle and I visited this special place many years ago and it still stands out as one of the best holidays we’ve ever had. Breathtaking scenery, genuinely friendly locals, and a vast array of tourist options all in close proximity, make this a special place. For me there was the added bonus of an abundance of good waves and the beginnings of some lifelong friendships. This is a must-do for domestic and international travellers.

Craig Sims


JACK SMITH…The Wilderness – a place of good waves, good mates and good times.”

Jack Smith tester


DAVEY WEARE…I was fortunate to have stayed at the Wilderness Bush Camp with the Oakley team shooting for their international catalogue. I must say that we had a great time; the accommodation was top notch, it was close and convenient, our hosts were very accommodating and their setup is perfect. I will definitely recommend Wilderness Bushcamp to my friends and family, and next time I’m down in the Southern Cape I’m definitely booking in there again.

David Weare